Every year I return to the west coast, and every year I notice changes in the place I grew up. King tides, atmospheric rivers, larger and larger forest fires. Last year I flew over the biggest one I had ever seen. The smoke cloud engulfed the rocky mountains and spewed out over the prairies. Even at cruising altitude, the air inside the plane smelled like smoke.

I was talking to my sister on the phone the other day. She’s in northern BC right now. “Some of those fires from last year are still burning, dormant under the ground. We didn’t get a lot of snow this winter. Everything is so dry…”

The changing landscape confronts us with difficult questions about impermanence, interdependence, and the self-destructive nature of our economic and political systems. I find these questions omnipresent in my subconscious, inevitably influencing my visual language.

Somehow, the future seems impossible to envision. I suppose I’m not the only one. I wonder how all this affects our collective unconscious? How can we really dream well within the tenuous yet monolithic structures in which we find ourselves? And from this dream-space, are we able to cultivate visions of a better future?

This project is presented as part of the collective exhibition:

Aurai-je le droit de rêver ?  // Do I have the right to dream?

Exposition thématique collective présentée par Le Club Photo Le 3e Oeil.

30 MAI – 4 JUIN 2024
Vernissage le 30 mai de 17h à 21h
Galerie ESPACE
4844, boulevard Saint-Laurent,