This ongoing project is part exploration, part collaboration and part homage to the city and people of Montreal during my time living and practicing here.

When I look to create photographs, I am driven primarily by relationships and connections. Relationships of formal elements within the frame, relationships between people, both human & non-human, and their environments, relationships between order and chaos, matter and light.

Through my search for moments where things come together in interesting ways, my process is what generates my motivation. It gives me the impetus to explore the territory, to exist in a completely spontaneous state, to practice compassion through my interactions with strangers, and to find some fleeting moments of joy or truth.


Painting is a medium that is less inherently tied to the world around us than photography. It is something that can spring purely from the mind, only limited by physics as applied to the materials.

For me, it allows pure exploration of a reality beyond the nominal: Space, shape and colour come together to create unnamable wholes.

In my painting process, I start with a rough sketch drawn quickly and intuitively. As a painting then evolves, I allow the accumulation of spontaneous gestures to change the direction. By looking and responding, continuously adding and subtracting, I seek to pull some structural order out of chaotic serendipity.